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SmartAfriHub Cloud implementation I

SmartAfriHub Cloud is the environment, where you will have chance to tested different possibilities of analysis of spatial Information, including Earth Observation Data. There is an available number of tools including AI tools to your testing

The internal cloud solution is run on own managed and dedicated servers in a location of Prague, Czech Republic and as such is under full control of Lesprojekt company. It is built on OpenStack software, based on Linux operating systems and other open source technologies.

OpenStack enables optimal usage of hardware resources joining standalone servers in a seamless cloud under single management. It provides a vast number of services including virtualisation, block device sharing, distributed computing, support to various docking technologies, etc. A very strong network stack allows for low-level network isolation including VLAN support, NAT and an integrated firewall. Fine-grained user management enables logical segmentation of OpenStack instances into standalone independent instances as if they were run on separate physical servers.

The administrator has a very good overview of the current use of hardware resources due to strong reporting capabilities and a web dashboard.

Backup is done at least weekly, for critical infrastructure even more frequently. Own backup infrastructure managed by Lesprojekt company.

New virtual servers are rapidly deployed within minutes as requested by our users. Various operating systems are prepared as snapshots for instant use.


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