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About HUBs



About HUBs

Our Digital Innovation Hubs are based on a robust Liferay framework, into which we have integrated a number of tools, such as SensLog, HSLayers NG, JupyterHUB, Layman, Micka, etc.

The Liferay framework itself contains a number of functions and tools that ensure excellent work with content and data, work with the community and knowledge base, for which there are available, for example, a blog, discussion forum and wiki.

Liferay Web Content Management (WCM) allows non-technical users to publish content on the Web without having advanced knowledge of web technologies or programming of any kind. Liferay allows users to publish their own content using a simple point and click interface and helps them keep up to date.

Thanks to its robustness and modularity, we have adapted Liferay into a form that is fully suitable for building digital innovation hubs. Combined with our many years of experience in research and development, we have succeeded in developing a quality tool with high potential for support, business development and the fulfillment of defined goals.









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