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SDI, Communities and Social Media

This book is not focused on Agriculture, but  it adress other important aspects related to our SmartAfriHub and this are social media, VGI, Citizens Science. See the book  on

Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), communities and social media are three different terms. What do they have in common? At first all these terms are very modern and trendy now. They are very often used not only in technical publications but these words and collocations are also used by the public. It is possible to say that primarily social media could be described as buzzword (fashion word and vogue word). This book ‘SDI, Communities & Social Media‘ introduce another consequences and common aspects among the above-mentioned terms. The experts on various scientific disciplines (e.g. geoinformatics, geomatics, information technologies) described their activities and experience connected with SDI, communities and social media. The book contains eleven chapters (except preface). They are focused on many various topics like spatial data, neogeography, transport systems or geographic information systems. As well the results of large international projects such as Plan4all, Habitats or NaturNet Plus are presented.


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