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Plan4all Project Interoperability for Spatial Planning

This book, is the output of Plan4all project, which leads to the establishing of Plan4all,  one from the organisation behind SmartAfriHub and also the main organiser of INSPIRE Hackathons. This book is also describing one period of defining European INSPIRE infrastructure

For several reasons, few projects funded by European Commission end with a printed book summarising the outcomes of the project and its achievements. In this case, while the project activities were still running, Plan4all considered this oportunity and has found it useful to prepare such a book, mainly on the basis of the idea that the achieved results about spatial planning interoperability should be spread among the wider communities at EU and international levels. The Plan4all project has been able to deliver technical results that will surely be of interest to spatial planners, GI experts and ICT professionals. On top of such technical results, the Plan4all project fosters the exchange of ideas and experiences between those professional communities, whose need and interest for a more extended dialogue has also been evidenced during the workshops convened by the project.



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