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Digital Innovation HUB platform - Do you need own DIH?

If you are thinking about own digital hub, which would allow you to integrate application tools or map components, cover your business processes or serve to build a community and knowledge base, we offer a modular platform that will allow all this.

The platform is based on a robust Liferay framework, into which we have integrated a number of tools, such as SensLog, HSLayers NG, JupyterHUB, Layman, Micka, etc.

The Liferay framework itself contains a number of functions and tools that ensure excellent work with content and data, work with the community and knowledge base, for which there are available, for example, a blog, discussion forum and wiki.

Liferay Web Content Management (WCM) allows non-technical users to publish content on the Web without having advanced knowledge of web technologies or programming of any kind. Liferay allows users to publish their own content using a simple point and click interface and helps them keep up to date.

Thanks to its robustness and modularity, we have adapted Liferay into a form that is fully suitable for building digital innovation hubs. Combined with our many years of experience in research and development, we have succeeded in developing a quality tool with high potential for support, business development and the fulfillment of defined goals.

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