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An achievement with web application for agriculture - VOTE

International development team was successful in the WSIS Prizes 2021 contest last week. Developed web application integrating different types of data for agriculture was selected as a nominated project. The World Summit On The Information Society (WSIS) Prizes 2021 contest is organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The nominated web application has been developed during the last 2 years as one of the Flagship Innovation Experiments (FIE) of the Horizon2020 SmartAgriHubs (SAH) project. The development team was an international consortium of Latvian Farmers Parliament (Zemnieku saeima, Riga), Latvian technological company BOSC (Baltic Open Solutions Center, Riga), Czech technological company Lesprojekt (Lesprojekt-služby s.r.o., Záryby), Czech Living Lab WirelessInfo (WIRELESSINFO, Litovel) and Swiss company meteoblue (meteoblue AG, Basel). Roles of the members are BOSC as main technology coordinator, Lesprojekt as analytical functionality developer and meteoblue as provider of meteorological and climatic data, Zemnieku saeima is responsible for stakeholder management, user requirements and dissemination.

The project is called “FIE20: Groundwater and meteo sensors” and the solution integrates different kinds of data into one web map application that can be utilized by farmers, agronomists or advisory companies in agriculture. The web application integrates data from e.g. sensors on farm or fields (different sensors from various data providers and integrates in common data model of SensLog application),  it provides available thematic spatial data (field blocks, protected zones, soil maps), regularly updated remote sensing data (optical or radar images from Copernicus Sentinel-1 or Sentinel-2 satellites and derived vegetation indices or soil moisture) and it provides also current weather forecast as well as historical climatic data for selected farm. The developed web application offers various analyses starting from recommendations for field interventions planning based on weather forecast or decision-making support based on EO and remote sensing data for vegetation status, yield productivity zones delimitation etc. The web application uses functionalities of Lesprojekt Cloud and it is a unique solution due to the integration of various data and functionalities in one complete application. 

The web application is hosted on the Digital Innovation Hub of the Farmers Parliament ( and utilizes analytical functions of the Czech FOODIE SmartAgrihub ( and the whole infrastrukture of the Lesprojekt Cloud. The application was tested in Latvia primarily and testing in other countries is starting in these weeks. 

The application was selected to the 360 nominated projects from a total of 1270 proposals to the WSIS Prizes 2021 contest. Next goal of being part of the selected 90 applications can be supported by you by your vote. The application “FIE20: Groundwater and meteo sensors” is nominated in the Category 12 “AL C7. E-environment”. If you find our web application interesting you can support it by your vote

Voting procedure:


  1. Registration - please register under the following link, you will receive a verification email with a link within a few minutes.
  2. Log in
  3. In the menu, click on Prizes and then on the Vote button (or directly on the link below)
  4. Select category: AL C7.E-environment and you can vote (FIE20: Groundwater and meteo sensors)



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