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AgriHub INSPIRE Hackathon 2021 has included discussion about building the team for new Horizon Europe calls

As part of the sustainability of the innovation experiments taking place within the AgriHub CZ&SK project, we decided to include a discussion on building new teams for Horizon Europe Calls as part of the activities of each AgriHub INSPIRE Hackathon challenge. Working in teams gives an excellent opportunity to identify potential partners and technologies for future challenges. This can lead to the establishment of long-term collaborations between some partners. A common work can bring together people from different technical, business and user communities and open up new opportunities for future work, which can help you to identify who may be useful for future collaborations. We have already identified some potential calls that could be relevant for hackathon challenges.

A common interest for Challenge #1 Crop Detection, Challenge #2 Crop Status Monitoring  and Challenge #8 – Business cases for WhiteBoard has been identified in the following calls:

During our next discussion we plan to select one priority. Join us in our hackathon activities. Register yourself to challenges at


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